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Lucas Grabeel Orgasm

Lucas Stephen Grabeel

”What is the most important thing in life? For me, is to be happy. I think, there’s a lot of pain, and a lot of negativity in the world; and I think if you, yourself can find a true happiness, then you’ve done your part to make this world a better place. Because happiness begets happiness, so if you, you’re happy it’ll be infectious in spread around; but you’re negative, it’ll never be the same." -- Lucas Grabeel
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Lucas: I have a part, my favourite part in the whole thing [The Concert] is in the song, He Said She Said, the one you just did…

Ashley: Ah-a…

Lucas: You’re dancing and the dancers are behind you, they’re like:




We don’t need no more that He Said, She Said! [4]

We don’t need no more that He Said, She said! [5]”

It’s my favourite part, favourite part of the whole thing.

Ashley: You should do it with us!

Lucas: Hey, that’s a good idea!

(Ashley Chuckles)

Lucas: Ehm, no maybe…You’re better, much better, that’s why it’s my favourite part (Both chuckle)!

But hey, I was wonderin’… Do you name each hip (points to his right hip): ‘He Said’ and (points to his left hip) ‘She said’? [6]

(Pointing to his right hip), He said, you better do it better, ‘cause She Said, you’re doing it really wow!  You’re not the captain! (Shakes his hips)


Ashley: (Chuckles) No, no… (Both Chuckle)

Lucas: Oh… (Both chuckle), I really…I love you, Ashley! (Lashley hug) [9]

Best part of the whole concert!

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